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    I am so lucky to love and be passionate about what I do for a job……

    And when I receive a testimonial like this it makes it even more worthwhile!

    Before I began working with Catherine, I was seriously addicted to sugar – 3 large bags of sweets in a day was the norm. I was concerned that I was going to become diabetic and what the long term affects to my health were going to be. Being in my early 40s, I’d started to think about how I want my life to look when I’m older and how I want to feel.

    I met Catherine at a networking meeting and could tell that she knew her stuff. I booked a power hour to help get me sorted. She was very thorough in her research before the meeting and asked some very insightful health questions.

    Catherine didn’t just tackle the issue head on though. She spent time looking at the root cause of my sugar addiction, understanding what was going on with my health and suggested a range of ways that I can help myself. The first thing being to go to the doctors. Without her support, I wouldn’t have done this and the issue of why I was reaching for sugar would have remained a mystery.

    Catherine provided me with meal plans – it isn’t about crash diets. It’s about educating you on what foods are wise to eat, why you crave certain foods and how you can overcome them. She also suggested things I could read to learn more, alongside suggested exercise and supplements. It’s all about making little changes to your daily habits so that they stick and become new habits.

    Catherine’s vast knowledge and support has blown me away. Thanks to Catherine I am working towards a healthier future – it has been truly life changing.



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