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    Do you have negative beliefs that are holding you back?

    ​I can so often get myself sucked down a rabbit hole of negative thinking. This week I have been challenging myself to remember to reframe my learned way of thinking.

    It has been my learned way to protect myself and keep control.

    By looking in advance for all the worst case scenarios, the voice or chimp in my head thinks that it is protecting me from my biggest fears of rejection, failure and the fear of outshining.

    negative beliefs

    So, what are your biggest fears?

    Do you have any negative chat that is trying to keep you safe from any of the following?

    Dying? Loneliness? Rejection? Failure? Being judged? People being horrible about you behind your back? Having to make uncomfortable changes? Being found out?

    What are the negative beliefs that hold you back?

    I don’t have what it takes.
    I can’t change now.
    It’s too late to try something new.
    I am rubbish at stuff like that.
    I am the way I am, and I have accepted this.
    There is nothing I can do about it.
    I don’t have the time.
    I am unlovable.

    negative beliefs

    So what can you do to change negative beliefs?

    Getting better at using positive language and learning to reframe your negative thought patterns can be a challenge…..especially if you have been keeping yourself “safe” from fear for 40 or 50 years using your personal protection strategy.

    negative beliefs

    A really simple exercise to do to start challenging your negative thought patterns is to do the following:

    Write down something on paper that you really want to do.

    I want to become healthier.

    Now write down what is stopping you from doing this?

    I don’t have time.
    All my family are unhealthy – it is who I am.
    I am too old to start making such big changes.
    I have tried so many times before and I always fail.
    I really want to try, but my partner always stops me.
    I hate healthy food and exercise.

    negative beliefs

    Now look at all of your negative beliefs one by one and start to ask yourself if you absolutely know that the things that are holding you back are true? 

    Are they fact? Do you absolutely know that it is true?
    How does it make you feel to think this way?
    How would you feel if you did not have these thoughts?
    Would you be free to try? Would you be more open to possibility?

    Remember – YOU HAVE A CHOICE around what you think and how you talk to yourself internally.

    So, let’s all try to spend the rest of the week talking to ourselves internally using positive language to build confidence and resilience and tell that inner negative voice to shut the heck up . Using language like:

    I could or I can
    I am responsible
    It’s an opportunity.
    I know I can handle it
    I want to learn and keep growing.
    I can do anything that I want.
    I can learn from my mistakes and achieve success if I persevere. 

    Catherine xx

    And if any of this resonates with you and you would like some help changing your inner voice, or implementing other simple life changing strategies to help you confront your fears and achieve your health and life goals then please book a call and lets have a chat.