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    HI, I am Catherine Pearson, and I am a 49 year old mum of 3 amazing boys.

    2024 is the year that I turn 50, and I can honestly say that I have never felt better. In 2022 I embarked on a journey of entering HYROX fitness racing competitions as a way to give me a goal to keep me fit and healthy as before I hit 50, and also to help me manage any menopause symptoms that may be on their way.

    In October 2023 in Dubai, I qualified for the HYROX 2024 World Championships which will be held in Nice in June this year. As a 50 year old woman I will be competing in a very cool and quite a high level of sport that I never thought possible just a few years ago.

    I would never expect most of my clients to want to be part of my HYROX world. However, to inspire my clients that life may well just be beginning in our 40’s and 50’s, with the right MINDSET and the new found health and vitality that I can provide is my NUMBER 1 GOAL.

    I can help, inspire and motivate you to begin your own empowering midlife journey……Or just get back to feeling good about yourself.

    As a health coach, personal trainer and nutrition coach, I absolutely know that I have the tools to help you feel the same as a midlife woman.

    I have not always been the healthy eating, exercise loving midlife lady that you may have seen on my Facebook or Instagram pages though. I have had my times of difficult mental health battles, weight gain, belly fat, sugar addiction, divorce and periods of no interest or motivation to exercise.

    I have made the life long changes though, and I know that I can help you to do the same.

    I am blessed to have the personal experience as a woman of 49, who has given birth to 3 children, and feels in my best health, physical fitness and I can honestly say I am living my best life – very much in contrast the doom and gloom that the media would have you believe is inevitable at this age.

    Please let me share with you my midlife health toolkit and help you feel magnificent and excited for life too?

    Over the last 10 years I have studied the most important pillars surrounding nutrition, exercise, and mindset, and well as the best techniques to help even the most ingrained of habits become a thing of the past.

    I started The Long Life Health Club so that I could share everything that I had learnt, and help people who were also struggling with every aspect of their health, to change their lives and begin to thrive again.

    I started The Long Life Health Club, because I realised that there was a lack of a complete solution for anyone struggling with their health. Yes, people could go to see the doctor, a personal trainer or join Weight Watchers or see a counsellor, but there was no one able to offer the full package.

    I knew that I would be able to work with a client on a 1-2-1 basis with any issue that they threw at me. I could provide a personalised holistic coaching experience like no other.


    Sessions with me soon unlock nutritional deficiencies, self sabotaging mindsets, childhood triggers, or the need for education around how the body works and the best and most beneficial exercises for individual progression dependent on their age and experience.

    Throughout your coaching time with me you will develop the tools and confidence to transform your life in exactly the places where you need the most help.

    The Long Life Health Club way of coaching, combines the full understanding of how the body works and what it needs for optimal health, with counselling, nutrition and fitness expertise.

    My unique four prong approach to coaching enables me to formulate your personal plan, to revolutionise your health and mindset.


    If anything that you have read resonates or you are struggling but not sure if I can help then please do be brave and get in touch to arrange a time for a call. I promise you that even speaking to me for 30 minutes will make you feel better and more positive about how you can start making the steps towards a happier healthier you.

    Catherine xx

    Catherine Pearson – Founder/Owner

    Health Coach – Counsellor – Personal Trainer

    Or please do send me an email to pick my brains, or with any questions or further information that you might need?

    [email protected]