Long lasting midlife weight loss can be difficult to achieve at any age.  During perimenopause and menopause though, it becomes even more difficult.  

I work with my clients using strategies specifically tailored to women in their midlife. Nutrition, exercise, sleep, and mindset are all areas for focus, new thinking, and education.  

But surely I just have to eat nothing and do loads of exercise?

Many of my clients are surprised and relieved by the way we work together and the fun that we have.  Together, we implement personalised lifelong techniques, driving towards the ultimate health span needed to enjoy their retirement dreams.

Weight loss does not have to be about restriction and dieting. Looking and feeling fantastic in your 40’s and 50’s can be as simple as changing the way you approach your lifestyle.

Why is midlife weight loss so difficult?

As your hormones begin to fluctuate and progesterone and estrogen lower, this can cause a metabolic change that can contribute to weight gain around the middle or the dreaded belly fat.

At the same time the beneficial anabolic properties of estrogen begin to dwindle meaning you begin to lose muscle mass which also slows metabolism.  Estrogen and progesterone also have anti-inflammatory and metabolism stimulating properties which when lost can cause insulin resistance.  Insulin resistance can then worsen the symptoms of menopause.

All in all, if you do not understand the best ways to look after yourself as these changes happen, and after they have occurred, then your body is part of a perfect storm of deterioration, just at a time when life ideally, would be becoming more exciting with more time to put yourself first.

I can help you put a plan in place to kickstart midlife weight loss, prevent menopausal issues, or to help relieve them if your body and mind are beginning to struggle with what is already going on. 

HRT is a good option for some, however there are also other options and ideas to try which may work better for certain individuals. 

Please book a call with me if you would like to chat through where you are at in terms of wanting to lose weight, banish your belly fat, or just wanting to feel more attractive and confident about your body again.  I can help. x

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