Are you ready to regain your health & vitality and become excited about living life again?

Then I would love to work with you!

I am Catherine and I turn 50 this year, and I feel in the best health and fitness of my life. I would love to work with you using my own simple tried and tested techniques to help you feel and look fantastic too.

Come and work with me and get fit and healthy for life. x

If you have decided that you are fed up of making excuses, and really want to work with a coach who is committed to helping you make the life long changes that will see you bouncing into your later years full of health and happiness – then please let’s do this – I am the coach for you!

I love working with men and women who are ready to invest the time in themselves that they deserve. who are ready to finally put themselves first, and take action and commit effort to learning new habits and becoming a new version of themselves.

I will empower your growth mindset to enable you to be the woman that you want to be, and not listen to anyone who tells you otherwise.

If you feel excited at the thought of working with a coach who is going to work as hard as you, to help you achieve above and beyond what you think is possible – then let’s chat today and find a way to work together.

Health Coaching Reset Packages:

All Reset Packages include the following and can be in person or online:

  • Pre consultation comprehensive health & lifestyle questionnaire including food diary
  • 90 minute initial deep delve appointment to review questionnaire & identify health goals
  • Personalised step by step plan with short, medium and long term challenges to complete
  • Weekly sessions to continually evolve your plan and motivate you to achieve your goals
  • The Long Life Health Club App to keep you accountable for the following:

    • Home workouts
    • Daily habits
    • Nutrition tips & plans
    • Weekly & monthly challenges to keep you accountable
    • Recipes

6 Session Reset Package – £450 (All of the above + 5 sessions)

The 6 sessions are every 2 weeks on Zoom – so you have me in your life for 12 weeks supporting you. x

12 Session Reset Package – £750 (All of the above + 11 sessions)

The 12 sessions are every 2 weeks on Zoom – so you have me in your life for nearly 6 months with this package. I promise you we will have a blast and make the progress you need to change your life. x

24 Session Reset Package – £1250 (All of the above + 23 sessions)

Wowsers – with sessions every 2 weeks this means I am around for 48 week – that basically means that you are getting your holidays off and I am always here for you – how cool is this!? One whole year of breaking habits and cementing changes.

Personal Training:

Have you historically hated the gym? Do you have mental blocks to even walking through the gym door? Do you know that you need to exercise but absolutely dread the idea of “cardio!”

I would love to show you a new way to become fit and healthy in my private gym.

I would love to be the coach who helps you to find the exercise that you love, and that you can sustain for the long term, because you actually enjoy and look forward to your sessions.

£195 p/m – 1 Personal Training Sessions Per Week

£395 p/m – 2 Personal Training Sessions Per Week


£500 – 12 Weeks – 1 Sessions Per Week

£950 – 12 Weeks – 2 Sessions Per Week

Personal training with me is always going to include loads of health coach nutrition, and habit and mindset tricks, to keep you achieving success in every area of your life.

I am your one stop shop for feeling great. x

If you would like me to get in touch with you to arrange a chat or a time to just get together for a coffee and find out whether I am the coach for you, please fill in the form below or book a FREE consultation call.